Wsus target group not updating

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Wsus target group not updating

What you will find is that the OU design of your organisation will largely mirror your OU Structure.

You might also notice that the names of the target groups are “Workstations ”.

Here I will tell you to go visit my Best Practice: Active Directory Structure Guidelines – Part 1 post where I talk about the number of ways you can build your OS structure.

Now we will use the example “Two Level Hybrid (Resource / Location)” (see image below) from the AD Structure Guideline for out WSUS target groups.

This means that there is no additional software agents that need to be deployed to the computers to get starting using WSUS. You can set a policy at the very top level of your domain using the “Specify intranet Microsoft update service location” setting to configure every computer on your domain to point to the WSUS servers.Terminology: In this post i will use the term “client” many times.When I make this reference note that I am talking about any client of the WSUS Server, which could mean a “client” is either a server or workstation.The target group on the client is controlled using the “Enable client-side target” group policy setting (more on this later).If you don’t enable this option you will quickly find that you need to manually categorise even new computer that reports into the WSUS server.

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The Workstation prefix is required as you might also want to patch Servers in the same site and therefore due to the unique target group requirement you will need to have a “Workstations Sydney” and “Servers Sydney” group.

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