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Additional continuous row luminaires are installed for added, accented illumination of single objects in the room.Control of the respective luminaires in the gallery and office rooms is achieved by means of the lighting management system LUXMATE BASIC.At night and in the case of reduced light intensity, the ZX7 continuous row lighting system installed in the skylights and the configured ARCOS spotlights, with special lenses and filters, ensure optimal light quality for homogeneous illumination of the exhibits.The flexibility of the configuration here also allows alteration and division of the spatial dramaturgy of the total of 865 square metres, with no loss of the sense of spaciousness.Thanks to SUPERSYSTEM's maximum compatibility, spotlights that had been used by the museum already before may also be integrated in the track segments installed at the bottom, if required to provide additional accents for art objects presented at the walls or in the room.

Colour temperature adjustments can be made either manually at the luminaire unit or via the lighting management system. After several sample presentations and in close collaboration with the authority for the protection of monuments, the lighting designers of Bonn-based Licht Kunst Licht AG opted for the SUPERSYSTEM lighting system by Zumtobel.

Installed flush with the top on the rear wall, this narrow light line does not interfere with the showcase's visual look and illuminates its interior uniformly and pleasantly.

Under the aegis of Ralf Wolters, the Plan Ing Aachen engineers' studio, a Zumtobel Partner within the Lighting Competence Program, was commissioned with adapting the lighting concept.

The lighting solution for the entire building is based on LEDs in combination with the BUTLER XT lighting management system including presence detectors – ensuring considerable energy savings. It has not only convinced them through its minimalist design language, but also on account of its versatile applications: on the one hand, it provides for uniform indirect illumination of the vaults.

On the other hand, it creates diffuse ambient lighting in the room, with only the vaults, but not the transverse arches, being bathed in light.

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A STARFLEX light engine with a 655 W QR-CB halogen lamp with a dichroic glass reflector for optimum injection of light was fitted in line with the customer's requirements.