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The fabled former Green Ranger has become a paleontology professor, and serves as a mentor-like figure at first before morphin once again. And all five actors playing the core Rangers are of Australian or New Zealand descent for the first time.Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to be dating either former Pink Ranger Kimberly or Kat, though (sorry shippers! Luke: The Rangers split their time between defending the world and trying to pass Driver's Ed. Ultimately the bad guys are defeated because they don't know how to drive stick.We also meet the evil green ranger Tommy, who eventually comes over to the right side.This is the series that kicked off a show that's still on today -- 24 seasons divided into 20 different themed series, not to mention two movies.

Luke: I guess TARDIS is the other way to save them. So the team finds the present-day ancestor of the Red Ranger, and give him the power instead. Mike: You'll also start noticing the recycling of themes -- this won't be the last animal-themed Ranger season.

I assume these are still teens with attitude who can transform into ninjas in motorcycle helmets. Time on Earth gets reversed by an "Orb of Doom", leaving the previous Ranger team too young to save the world. Hoping to rescue a captured Zordon, the remaining Rangers hijack a space shuttle for their rescue mission. This is the first Power Rangers series that isn't directly connected to the previous season.

Billy is able to become an adult again, but just as that happens, the Power Coins that give the Rangers their powers are destroyed. Instead, I'll guess this is when Power Rangers decides to go full expanded universe and dump a whole bunch of interconnected backstory and lore. That Zeo Crystal from "Alien Rangers" brought the Earth back to 1996 and serves as the new power source for the five rangers. They end up on the Astro Megaship where they meet Andros, the Red Space Ranger, who gives the rest of the team new Ranger powers. It's a move that follows the pattern of "Super Sentai", which changes up its cast and suits every year.

The actress went on to explain that one of the things she's most grateful for regarding her time as Kimberly Hart is the positive influence she had on young girls, as well as the lasting impact the character has had."My time as the Pink Ranger not only became the training ground for my future career as a working actress but also, without even knowing it at the time, a way to inspire thousands of little girls to believe that they can be as badass as little boys," she added."That, in itself, is priceless."There are a lifetime of amazing memories packed into the 152 episodes and two films I did as Kimberly Hart, your original Pink Ranger.

It's taken me years to fully embrace what that means and discover the impact she had.", and finished up by congratulating Saban on reinventing the characters."I must say I'm quite excited for this new generation and the opportunity you've given them," she wrote, before jokingly adding that she's available for casting in any of the franchise's recently-announced five sequels."I believe I would make a wonderful villain," she said. "No more near-death experiences on this movie set then.

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The original teens with attitude, which does honestly seem like a pretty poor prerequisite for recruiting a superhero team.

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