Updating ranch house

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Updating ranch house

Even when the couple tears down much of an original house, they try to save some of the old and blend it with the new."Warren and I can find great shortcuts with our plans because we've worked together so much," says Amy.Vaulting the ceilings in both the family and dining rooms added architectural interest without having to raise the roof.Keeping the same gray paint color throughout, while making the lines of the house simple and clean, makes this house cohesive and dramatically more contemporary."She worked with what we had, took out walls and ceilings, exposed the beams, and opened it up," says Frances."It doesn't have that much more square footage, but it seems spacious.Good Bones"We had a little split-level, and we'd gotten bored with it," says Amy's mother, art gallery owner Frances Aronson.

The Bond family needed a house overhaul to turn their choppy ranch into a modern marvel that would allow for gracious living, as well as provide entertaining space for the couple and their two young, active children.

The space came from the living room which is now a smaller room used as a casual study.

Today’s house transformation shows that you can make dramatic changes to a house, without one square footage more of additional space, when you have the right team to guide you there.

' " A handful of other Atlanta firms specialize in this type of renovation.

Although business has slowed with the economy, several homeowners have called upon Amy and Warren recently with investments in mind.

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And, they stayed on budget—isn’t that refreshing to hear?

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