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Tony aussie dating

"This will be the third guy that Madison has introduced to Harper within a year... I don't know if that's childish or petty of me but that's my only thing with it."And while there are currently no plans for Tony to meet Madison's new boyfriend in person, he believes Javi would understand his worries.I'm her dad so we've got to talk about this."Tony continued, "They call it reality television for a reason! He might come home from work and pick her up and it's filmed, and he's picking her up in the air and he goes to kiss her—I'm like, 'Whoa, man.' I might jump through the screen! "Eventually if they do work out, I'm sure I'll get to meet him and stuff," he said.

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Toni Michelle Pearen (5 June 1972, Cronulla, New South Wales), is an Australian actress, singer, songwriter and TV presenter.

"I think he would side with me on that with his son.

If I was dating his ex or something and his son was coming into my life I'm sure he'd feel the same way I feel."Tony reiterated, "And there's no bitterness there toward that guy; it's just the situation.

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She played the role until 1992 when she left to pursue her music career.