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"Taking care of your teeth is a good indicator of hygiene."Such feelings don't surprise biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, a research professor at Rutgers University and a adviser who helped develop the survey."From a Darwinian perspective, good teeth are a real indication of your health -- how much you drink, smoke, what you're eating," she says.

Unlike several of his friends, Vaillancourt says he's "very, very fortunate" not to have student loan debt, even after earning a graduate degree last year."Credit card debt has different implications than someone who has student loans ...

The results also suggest that things might be a little trickier than usual if you happen to be a female in Chicago. If you need more convincing, we recently covered a list of weird, but certainly good weird, things that happen when you date your best friend. 41 percent of these "someones" where actually married to another person.

Their average dates were rated 5.6, the lowest in the world. According to the study, a lot of singles out there want to date bankers and finance people. Because people around the world think being one is really hot. If the person in your profile picture doesn't really look like the real you, chances are that there will be no second date with 59 percent of LA ladies, 64 percent of New York men and 50 percent of Chicago gents.

Relationship blogger Chiara Atik of New York, author of the new book Modern Dating: A Field Guide, due out May 1, says having a sexual relationship with a friend that is not intended to be romantic is "ever present" among those in their 20s and 30s."It's very tempting. Here's somebody I like and get along with and like spending time with them.

Learn about people’s internet behaviours to help you develop stronger online dating marketing and websites.

If you want to dive deeper on a particular online dating topic, it’s easy to customise this survey template with your own questions.

Of those, 33% said it had turned into a relationship.

Almost one-third (28%) say they've had sex by the third date; almost half (46%) by the sixth date.

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