Sania mirza dating shoaib malik

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Sania mirza dating shoaib malik

Back in the day when Imran Khan married Jemima, we thrilled at the conquest and speculated about what it was exactly that made Pakistani men so appealing to the foreign woman.And remember Lady Di's romance with Hasnat Khan?After announcing his marriage with Sania Mirza, renowned Indian tennis player, controversies cropped up when a woman named Ayesha Siddiqui released her marriage certificate, claiming that she was already married to Shoaib, who was getting married to Sania, without granting her a divorce.Although Malik initially denied all allegations, he confirmed his marriage with Ayesha and signed the divorce papers.Just the thought of In fact, we're already mentally scrolling through a list of foreign supermodels/actresses/singers who might be eligible to date our Pakistani celebs who are single and on the market.Could Gigi-Zayn pave the way for a union between, lets say, Sheheryar Munawar and Kendall Jenner?

But like every other household story, even Shoaib had to fight against all odds for his love for cricket.

Going from strength to strength in his career, following Inzamam-ul-Haq’s resignation as Pakistan captain after the 2007 World Cup, Malik became captain of the team at only 25, Pakistan cricket team’s fourth youngest captain.

Pakistan’s coach, Bob Woolmer said Malik was “the sharpest tactical tack among his group …

He also led his team to victory in 24 of the 36 ODI matches along with 12 of the 17 T20 matches played.

But a poor performance against Sri Lanka in 2009 forced him to step down.

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However, Sania silenced the gossip with her statement. My dad always jokes that his 31-year marriage with my mum now is because of his tennis.

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