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Interestingly, Oracle reports that the new Oracle10g Automatic Maintenance Tasks (AMT) will automatically detect indexes that are in need of re-building.

"The DBAs were pulling out their hair until they noticed that the size of the indexes were too large for the amount of data in the tables, and remembered this old: myth?

, and decided to try rebuilding the indexes on these tables.

The DELETE with the multiple NOT EXISTS went from running for 2 hours to delete 30,000 records, to deleting over 100,000 records in minutes. ." An Oracle ACE notes this script to rebuild his indexes.

"I eventually wrote a simple query that generates a list of candidates for index rebuilds, and the commands necessary to rebuild the indexes once the tables reached a point where it was necessary.

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In a large production system, it would be a massive effort to trace LIO from specific queries to specific indexes before and after the rebuild.