Mcafee clients not updating log file updating gcc

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Mcafee clients not updating log file

Use the following procedures to configure WSUS as a definition update source.Endpoint Protection definition updates must be approved and downloaded to the WSUS server before they are offered to clients that request the list of available updates.

Select the Task Name, locate the "Package Types:" label. Criteria: If a Product update is Enabled with Engine and DAT selected, and scheduled for at least a weekly update, this is not a finding.

Additionally, a Task Type= line in the [General] section of the file is provided to describe the task type. Information for this check is determined by examining the contents of this file. On the Schedule page, locate the "Schedule Status:" label, and select the "Enabled" option.

Criteria: If [Settings] Enabled=1 and [Schedule] Type=0 the schedule is daily, this is not a finding. Locate the "Schedule type:" label, and from the pull down menu, select at least "Weekly". On the Summary page, verify the settings and select Save.

I would like to have the agents check in around 3 times a day. The update cycle would be spread out during the morning, afternoon, and evening.

We are a medium office with about 56 users, and we are adding the servers to Epo soon as well so just checking what what you guys do on your AV update policies.

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The antivirus software product must be configured to receive those updates automatically in order to afford the expected protection.