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They do awesome dinner shows featuring Shania Twin, Elvis etc.Lotsof_luv and I are planning a get together there in Febraury.If the dinner runs late, you can just go upstairs to the e Bar, a dance club. You get a tonne of food, and the atmosphere is like you are eating in a large kitchen. Umberto's Bistro in Cambridge is SURE to charm a date, as the menu is wonderful, but the prices are to match.Atmosphere on Carden : A smallish place with cool items on the menu (like caribou lasagne). There is light music usually playing in the background. Sole' in Kitchener is another high class location to charm a date. I'd definately concider this place as a location for a second date.

Looking for some shops and maybe a unique restaurant with a funky feel to it. The restaurant..."The Rude Native"The shops are all over the place, however, Regina Street..TONS of art stores and shops in it. Good Day, Since you included Aberfoyle locations, I thought that I would chip in with a few really good Guelph locations: The Bookshelf on Quebec st.Pinky For those of you that like chinese, theres a newer chinese place on Fischer hallman and ottawa in the little plaza with tim hortons called the Lantern.Its not a really flashy or overly traditional chinese restaurant, but the food is great and the service is pretty good aswell. It MAY be a meat market if you go there on the BAR NIGHTS! (I's lost)Tiptoes out of the room with tail somewhere in between his knees I might be headed to Kitchener tomorrow to check out a dance performance.Was gutted by fire last year but should be finished rebuildng by now, or soon.Deck is right over the water and is a great spot to sit and watch sun go down.

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: light dining with a bit of an intellectual edge, as it is beside (joined) a bookstore. For K\W, one only needs to wander around the university area for some ethnic delight to grab you interest.

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