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Indeed, the United States government itself has their backs."Calling it "blackmail," Texas Lt. Dan Patrick urged superintendents in the Lone Star State not to obey the guidance, even if that means losing the roughly billion in federal education funds the state receives annually.Witness the fevered reaction to the Trump administration's decision to drop mandated screenings for sleep apnea—a disorder that can interrupt sleep and contribute to fatigue—among train engineers and truck drivers.The same report cautions against one-size-fits-all fatigue regulation, saying "not every countermeasure is appropriate for every railroad, or even for different parts of the same railroad, because circumstances unique to each railroad influence the effectiveness and practicality of specific countermeasures." This focused, local and voluntary approach does not satisfy regulators like Feinberg, who told the "there is no reason to withdraw a rulemaking like this other than because you don't understand the science or because you've chosen to ignore it." The Trump White House has shown little patience for Feinberg's reflexive need to regulate industry.A slow but steady stream of deregulatory actions and proposals has been a bright spot from an otherwise unfocused, chaotic administration.That the conductor was already being treated for sleep apnea suggests that screening for sleep apnea was not the problem.At the time of the crash, the untreated engineer was working his seventh consecutive 12-hour graveyard shift, something that might have made anyone a little sleepy.

Principals and others in schools look for ways to embrace these marginalized students, but policies in some states push them further to the margins.We find that unacceptable and we're glad the Department of Ed is taking a stand."The federal appellate panel sent the original case back to the lower court to reconsider its denial of a preliminary injunction that would allow a transgender male high school student in Gloucester County, Va., to use the boy's restroom at school.It's clear that not everyone views the department's position as settled law.Your Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration prepares you for entry into a career in the public sector, either in a non-profit organization, or at federal, state, or local government.Take the lead in public service by earning your IACBE accredited Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration with Ashford University. Students must earn a minimum of 30 upper-division credits.

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The Gloucester County school board, for example, voted unanimously to appeal the three-judge panel's decision en banc to the full 4th Circuit.