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The 250 ounce Giant was released in 5 globe colors available on black or silver bases.Lava Lite had a special limited run of 35 lamps on the 4 foot tall Humongo model which was 1,280 ounces ( 10 gallons! The liquid wave machines seen a introduction of several new colors and new model sizes.What we dont know The correct mixtures of the above chemicals. USA Screw Caps Lamps with screw on caps were manufactured with a sticker inside the cap that had the date printed on them. This is a bottle cap from a 32 ounce 2002 model, the big 29 is the globe wax and water combo (see color chart below) The first line of small numbers is the 2 digit year followed by the 24 hour time code, 02 is 2002 and the lamp was made at .You may also find the date of the lamp printed on the bottom of the base. The second line of small numbers is the full date of manufacture 08-13-02. This cap from a 32 ounce 1994 model shows a slightly different stamping just for example of what you might run across. Aztecs came with either blue liquid and sun gold lava or clear liquid and sun gold lava.The lamp was made 04-29-02 at Some US made globes from time to time will be seen with a gold colored cap. , Bohdan, Jim White Squiggle Picture courtesy of Jim, Bohdan Black Squiggle Picture courtesy of Wizard of Ooze, goodude26 Coach Lantern Picture from Jeff Goo, Don Souliere Coach Lanterns came in three base variations.

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