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I was head over heels for him and the best part was he made me feel desirable.Never has he made me feel like was a charity case or that he was a rare noble hero saving me from a life of rejection.I didn't lose hope; I just felt that sometime in the far-distant future, the right one would come along. After all, I was only 21 and had lots of years ahead of me.And on the bright side, my physical disability perhaps weeded out those that wouldn’t have loved me in the way I needed to be loved. Although I could not magically grow arms, I decided I would attract boys with my own strengths. Right,” at least in my early 20s; the worst thing I could have done was assume my disability would be a problem.

That said; I didn’t go for the first guy that paid attention to me.Although Annae Jones' life may sound ordinary, it is far from it.This married, mother of two was born missing both her arms.I wasn’t prepared to lower my standards and take what I could get just because my disability somehow made me a second class citizen.I said “no” to dates when a guy gave me weird vibes and if I didn’t actually feel attracted to someone, I didn’t pretend to like them back.

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3) In relationships, people with disabilities don’t want to be made to feel “different.” When I did start dating a guy, I was the one that broke things off soon after he told me, “.” Perhaps that was true, but his open declaration made me feel devalued and I couldn’t be with someone that could elevate himself while making me feel so belittled.

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  1. Stewart, mired in an 84-race losing streak dating to 2013, finally won to stop a slide of poor performances, injuries and personal turmoil that has tarnished the end of his career.

  2. I am not concerned if you have money, if you have a degree, what kinda car you have or the kinda house you have or side of town that you are on... Me, I am looking for that lady for who she is and is about and want to be a part of that.