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I try not to imagine him locking eyes with her as she quotes her fabulous pace numbers to his friends, while he beams with pride.In defense, I'm forced to focus on things his dream date wouldn't have time for.Now I know what a four-minute mile means to a runner - and to the rest of the world.Dating an athlete means he will have friends who share his athletic pursuits.I get up wondering which coffee shop I should go to - the one with the sweet bread or the one with the bagels?After our individual morning rituals, we both go off to work.In Bachelor Nation, that's the foundation for a marriage proposal.

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In places where we may run into each other, I run like a gazelle with the wind at her back. A minute ceases to be a minute and becomes a measurement of how much training went into creating the difference of one minute in a race. When I first met him, he would talk about times with me while I listened in a daze.

After a bit, we both return home, having accomplished our missions - he, a serious workout and me, three stores, six items on hold and a quick glance through three magazines at the local bookstore. I must have asked him 50 times what a PR was and could he go over one more time the world records for various events?

It would be a relationship with another who also thought daily about workouts, beating their current times and how to get rid of obstacles that might prevent them from missing a training session.

I try to convince myself that my boyfriend wouldn't want a hard-bodied woman who could talk endlessly about her ability to run a mile under four minutes.

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by RAC member Justine Mc Gonagle The athlete and the non-athlete can be compatible, even though their interests are not the same.

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