Criss angel and holly madison still dating

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Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner's girlfriend of seven years, came only to "Extra's" special correspondent Alison Waite to talk about her heartbreaking split from the Playboy mogul. I wish he would've seen it coming," Madison admitted.

Madison continued, "Everybody was surprised when it happened because even though I was unhappy for a long time, the split happened suddenly... I was depressed for awhile." Madison revealed one of the reasons for the break-up saying, "I want to be with somebody I can have more of a future with eventually.

Angel has taken to Twitter to profess his love for the 27-year-old pop star, going so far as to describe her as “the love of my life.” In a series of new tweets, Criss Angel made it clear that he has found his soulmate in Belinda.

Of his new lady love, Angel wrote, “I’m nothing without you.” Angel also wrote that he has never loved anyone the way he loves Belinda, and he credited his new girlfriend, who has also been popping up in his magic acts, with helping to make him the best man he can be.

After their split, Gonzales later sued Criss for the value of her 0,000 engagement ring, which supposedly disappeared when they broke up. Madison also alleged that Angel was “controlling” and that he had an “explosive temper.” “For all his fame, fortune, and success, Criss, to me, seemed cripplingly insecure,” Holly wrote.

For Criss Angel and Holly Madison, the magic is over.Angel’s ex accused the star of mental cruelty and claimed that she was told to keep their 5-year marriage a secret.Joann also accused Criss of cheating on her with Cameron Diaz, whom the magic man briefly dated.Angel, who has a 10-year, 10-show-a-week contract at the Luxor in Las Vegas, said he has never missed one show prior to his son’s leukemia diagnosis.The medical emergency (Johnny is now in remission) also helped the .

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Whereas "Hef was a master of manipulation and knew how to cripple a girl's self-esteem, Criss, on the other hand, just scared me." Holly says that the magician never hit her, but she was "scared that something of that nature might be lurking around the corner." Once the facade faded, Madison says she "found him to be unintelligent" and "virtually illiterate" and had nothing in common with her.

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