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For whatever reason, I was seriously aggrieved, as I remember toiling away in Illinois humidity clearing ditch weeds and mowing lawns to accumulate enough scratch to buy Legos in my youth. I remember how cool Legos were when I was a kid: Man, looking back there was so much shit that seemed so cool.

Hot wheels, Micro Machines, Batman & GI Joe figurines. Begged my parents for it after everyone started getting it, they promised me to buy it if I got As in math, science and history. I was chatting with Cincinnatus the other night on the unofficial Roosh V chat room.

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Is this really the case, is it really weird that I'm into chubby girls or are there any out there who have the same preference?

“That guy on the ski trip” – George is known for his looseness on university sports trips.

If identified, elephant hunters will become defensive until his ego will not allow anymore embarassment.

She says that he never made his way down to get the picture.

It's definitely a strange series of events that have occurred for Usher.

Elephant hunter will come to terms with his desire for the chubby cuttie, and will openly accept he was caught red handed.

Note: The elephant hunter is almost always the thin guy in the group.

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While there is a lot of talk on social media about the credibility of Sharpton, we have yet to hear any sort of public statement from Usher or his lawyer.